Feelings overflown.

In the darkness, I found your light.

When all was hopeless,your beauty shown bright there.

When I thought that I could love no more,you touched my heart, to the very core.

You made me smile, when I could only frown.

You picked me up when I was down.

When all was lost you gave me life.

You brought me joy instead of strife.

I think of you everyday and night.

You came into my life and made everything right.

I smile for the times we’ve been together and when we are apart.

The presence of your beauty stops my very heart.

I hope as time goes on, you will see how i really feel.

and I hope that you will see that these feelings are for real.

The first time I saw You, my heart turned on fire.

My body was filled, with thrill and desire. Your eyes pierced my soul

I fell to the ground and In my mind I knew, that my love was bound.

Your eyes was so sparkling and your touch so divine.

From that moment on I wished were just mine.

When I’m all alone, out in the night. I wish you comes along, and finds the light.

When I am sad, and life’s no fun. I wish you to be there to be my sun.

In every moment, of my life.I always wish for you.

You are my universe, my life, my eternity

I love you limitless.


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