The feeling of nothingness at heart .

Mom to me ”you look soo shaken, What happened to you, Are you fine ? ”All that came out of of me was a nodd ‘yeah’ ‘I am fine’. Little did she know dat I was breathing but merely half alive. I sat there for a while not even remembering what happened moments ago.
I am in my room resting on a couch. Tons of thoughts are gushing my mind. I juss cant believe what the hell just happened .
‘One moment someone means a universe to you and the other moment they are gone’ this is what happened to me. She was the whole fuc**n universe to me. I am trying to sleep after a tiring long day but The feeling of a void in my heart is tremendous. It cant feel my limbs. My body is numb and soul-deprived.
I dont regret the things coz I did this. I asked her to leave though she pleaded to stay.
She cried, I cried too but I didnt let her know.


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