Nostalgia: The thoughts of every dawn. 

At a certain point in my life, I lost track of you. You needed me. You needed to perfect me.  I’m everything you lost. You won’t forgive me.… Read more “Nostalgia: The thoughts of every dawn. “


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 You left me in a mess where I can’t find myself.     Oh Love, thy benevolences, will be remembered. faisalfairuh


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The worst thing with expectations, the other person doesn’t even know and it destroys you from inside. Advertisements


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Maybe you are beautiful, that makes them fall in love with you. but it takes your inner beauty to make them stay in love with you or… Read more “#7 quotes@mylife”


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Have you ever sat there, feeling a void in your heart just because you can’t let them know how much you love them yet you smile burying… Read more “#6 quotes@mylife”


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It just takes one serious thought to change a person, either to one he always wanted to be or into one he never wished to be.



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Stay consistent to your efforts and don’t tempt for any yearnings.

Life will bring it to you what you deserve.



tribute to the writings of Christopher Poindexter. Part III

“Do you feel that?”
She asked as we watched
the stars and moon illuminate
the sea before us.
“Tell me you feel it?
that longing to not just exist,
but to live and to live beautifully?”
I, with a smile filled with so
much truth it could move
the clouds, said to her:
“Of course I feel it. The heart
in you, is the heart in me.”

“Love is many things and
sometimes we are never
really sure if it even
exists, but all I know
is that if you were to
show me her soul
in a photograph,
I wouldn’t even ask
To see the others.”

And in the end…or actually in the beginning…

“She wiped the black spilling
from her eyelashes onto her cheek,
and in that moment, I wanted, I
needed, for magic to exist.
I wanted to peel back her lonely
skin and feel her sadness stare
straight into the blue inside my eyes.
I wanted and I needed it to know,
that I, I loved her too, and my god
I, I would fight for her.”

“…I knew in that moment
that it is and it will
always be the simple things
that plant the most
phenomenal truths
inside us.”

A few months ago, I had the privilege to witness a few moments in the beautiful living of a necessary love story. I was at a shopping mall and I watching a married couple in their 70’s. I noticed she had a small, simple vintage diamond ring. She also had a walker. He was hunched over. They stopped for a moment to talk about their Younger days. He got a cart. She giggled as he helped put her walker in the cart, and then tenderly swept a wisp of white hair from her face. And off they went, so very slowly down one of the aisles, arm in arm. But not before they kissed each others hands and smiled at each other.


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” Let’s start over. Look at my face, tell me, am I joking? “